Why is yoga so cool? Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training India fun

Why is yoga so cool? Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

A lot has been written lately about how good this yoga is, that it helps everyone, big and small, fat and lean, flexible and wooden. Yoga better than a psychologist, physiotherapist, doctor, gym … yoga will understand, comfort and hug, is it really so? To Know more Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India.

Yoga Teacher Training India fun

For sure there will be those who shout “yeah!”, They will be yogic enthusiasts, who start every day at sunrise and welcome the day with solid practice, and just after work they rush to yoga studio, others will pick up indignation, they will be sloths – sandwiches, fitness enthusiasts (I mean all dynamic and very strong forms of exercise), and those who see yoga in a devilish strangeness.

Businessmen, Polish mothers and more

The fact is that yoga is becoming more and more popular, doctors are beginning to “recommend” it to their patients with many different diseases, and more and more stressed corporate employees seek relaxation by freezing in asanas on their safe mats, in incense-smelling rooms, Polish mothers are starting to leave of their homes in search of a break from everyday bustle and find yoga as a way to get nervous.

The truth is that yoga does not happen by accident, only those who are tempted by the promise of positive changes, which they heard about from a colleague, neighbor, lady TV expert, physiotherapist or doctor.

People come to yoga for various reasons and expect different results, expectations are completely different from those purely physical, such as: beautiful splits, effective standing on the head, correction of posture, strengthening of muscles, improvement of digestion, support of the circulatory system, etc. for those for the spirit and mind, such as acceptance of yourself and your weaknesses, inner peace, joy, positive thinking, improving concentration, helping to fight depression and many more.

Where power lies dormant

Believe it or not, yoga actually has power! Each of the above-mentioned expectations can become a reality, but as in everything without work will not be without effort without results. The basic and most important condition is regularity, don’t move without it .

Classes or individual practice at home 2 times a week are the bare minimum. It is also important to carefully choose the type of yoga and the right teacher so as not to get discouraged too quickly and unnecessarily.

A dynamic form of yoga like Ashtanga will sweat out every seventh sweat , but not everyone will provide the right dose of relaxation. Relaxed and static yin yoga may not appeal to those seeking relaxation in motionso it’s worth trying out a few currents, checking what works best and stick to it.

Maybe even the coolest (of course yoga)

Yoga is fun and maybe even the coolest because it gives a lot of benefits that you don’t even think about: deepening your breath, more energy, deeper sleep, supporting the immune system, it is often a starter of a healthy lifestyle, increases self-confidence, has a positive effect on relationships with others people, increases creativity, regulates the women’s monthly cycle and much more. Are there still any doubts? 😉

My Yoga – Why Do You Stand On The Mat?

Each of us has our own reason why he once stood on the mat for the first time. More importantly, however, with time everyone discovers the reason why he is coming back to the mat. “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it is shared” – that’s why I invite you to participate in the MY YOGA project.

We want to inspire and support each other . We will publish stories of yogis and yogis from all over Poland. What makes them stand on the mat? What inspires them, how does yoga enrich their lives?
We want these stories to reach as many people as possible who are looking for support in their practice .

Join us! Inspire or get inspired!

“Start each day with a heart full of gratitude”

Where did this idea come from? I myself am grateful to yoga for the daily energy boost. And for believing that in small steps, being persistent, I can achieve everything I want. I often share my passion with others and tell my close (and distant) friends how morning rituals, greeting the Sun and even a 10-minute meditation change my day.

And many people around me, thanks to these short conversations, began to change their everyday life. It’s spreading. Like some positive virus!


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