Greeting to the Sun B with yoga teacher training in India

Yoga Teacher Training India

Greeting to the Sun B with yoga teacher training in India

Greeting to the Sun B is a version of Surya Namaskar, which consists of several additional asanas : Utkatasana, Chair Position and Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I.

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Below you will find photos and descriptions of new asanas appearing in Greeting to the Sun B together with tips on how to perform them step by step.


Greeting to the Sun B

Yoga Teacher Training India
In this flow, we combine the previously welcomed Sun A greeting with Sun B greeting. From this set (Sun Greet A repeated five times and Sun Greet B repeated five times), the Ashtanga yoga session begins .

Try to perform at least 3 Sun Greetings A and 3 Sun Greetings B.

Take time to master them to perfection, and you’ll be ready to take on new challenges in your practice!

Greeting to the Sun

Asanas included in the Greeting to the Sun B

Utkatasana , Chair Position


  • Stand in the position of Mountains – Tadasana. Inhale and raise your arms perpendicular to the floor. You can have your hands joined or parallel facing each other.
  • On the exhale, bend your knees trying to keep your thighs as parallel as possible to the floor. The knees should protrude slightly above the feet.
  • Inhale the torso slightly lean forward over the thighs so that their upper part forms a right angle with the torso.
  • On the exhale, raise your back and arms vertically.
  • Lower the tailbone down and at the same time pull the sternum up. Feet pressed to the floor. Shoulders tightened towards the spine. Look at the thumbs.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing calmly.

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    Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I


  • Starting from the Dog with the Head Down – take a step towards your hands, raise your torso . Extend your left foot slightly backwards, big toes gently pointing outwards. Foot firmly attached to the floor.
  • Right foot in front – as if you wanted to take a big step. Bend your knees , hips low. A right angle should be maintained between the thigh and knee.
  • Inhale, raise your arms up, pull your chest up. On the exhale, strain your stomach muscles.
  • If possible, join your hands . Focus your eyes in front of you or tilt your head slightly back and look at your thumbs.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing calmly. Read More: Yoga Teacher Training.

My yoga story

Hi, I have been following your profile recently, and I have been practicing yoga recently. I will gladly tell you how it started.

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I never made any New Year’s resolutions because I was always too lazy to fulfill them. I’ve always been slim (thanks for the genes, Dad!), So I didn’t have any pressure for some crazy training or slimming. I used to play basketball and soccer, I was on the fire team, I was running around here and there. I loved it .

Then came the studies, permanent work, lack of time …

Of course, there were such moments that I went to sleep thinking “well, Anka plays volleyball and is so athletic, and I’m worse?”. So I got up at 6am to run around the city. Run too much said. After running 10 meters I felt like a marathon runner at the finish. Bad breath, bad shape, too fast.

It discouraged me. The gym? Cool thing. Once, I made an appointment with a friend that we would go to the gym after work. We met, drank coffee and ate something at McDonald’s, after which we found that the gym is not for us.

Problems started at work, a lot of stress at home, frequent quarrels with her boyfriend, the cat is still meowing, although it has full bowls …I kept walking anxiously, I couldn’t sleep, woke up at night, snarled at everything and everyone. Read More: Yoga Teacher Training India.

I didn’t eat regularly, I drank alcohol and energy every day (I think they kept me alive for the last six months!). At some point I started looking for a stepping stone.

I decided: I practice yoga

On New Year’s Day, after an extremely unsuccessful New Year’s Eve party, I decided that this was the best time for change. Theoretically, nothing changes, and yet we can fool the mind that we start from scratch. The first thing that came to my mind was yoga . Somewhere, once, I heard from someone that it relaxes incredibly. And you can stretch at the same time.

yoga story
This is my place. My fortress. I spend an hour here every day.

I put on the first better video on YT with a nice-looking lady and did a series of light exercises for the cervical spine. The next day, for the first time in a long time, I woke up without a painful short circuit between my shoulder blades! This resulted in further exercises.

I am a rather shy person, so I practice at home. I exercise regularly 5 times a week. Mainly stretching and balancing positions on which I must focus. It’s a great escape from problems at work. An hour that makes me think literally about nothing but the work of my own muscles.

Sometimes it’s hard. I can’t make a full position, but I still don’t give up. I can see the results after three weeks! From high school I couldn’t make a full slope – my hands could reach up to half my calves. Now I touch the mat again with my hands.In sitting I can touch my knee with my head, which just a month ago seemed unattainable to me.

These are small things that give me such joy and positive energy that I forget about everything bad and wait only when I can do another practice.

I don’t know the names of asanas. I don’t smoke incense. I don’t do it for friends before the show (of course I praise them, but I don’t do the splits to make a great selfie, and then I can’t walk for a week).

I do it for myself. And I feel great about it. All photos of yogis in beautiful asanas are not my goal. I want to be so fit, I want to feel more space in my body. Find peace in your breath.

Yoga is for everyone. Just start to fall in love with it.

Thanks to her I found peace, I stopped worrying about things that I can’t control – not only during exercises, e.g. not reaching my hands to the mat in some positions – I began to appreciate really important things. And above all, I stopped living in a hurry. Now everything in my life flows with its rhythm. I sleep like a child. I am well-rested. My spine doesn’t bother me, I walk upright.

Oh, and I haven’t been drinking energy for 25 days. Even a sip. I don’t even smell it.
I am satisfied with myself for the first time in a long time.
Greetings to all yogis and yogis who are a role model for me and all those who are just starting out.

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