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Yoga Teacher Training in India

5 Reasons To Drink Water Regularly while practicing Yoga Teacher Training in India

If at the thought of impending heat you dream of a can of sugar-overloaded soda, it’s time to try to convince yourself to take a bottle of water instead. Here are 5 reasons that should help you make a good decision for the summer to be a friend with a small mineral.

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1. Water and electrolyte balance control

Almost 60 of our body consists of water. Without it, our body would not be able to carry out processes that are so important for life as digestion, absorption, transport of nutrients, maintaining a constant body temperature and many others.

Your body is a well-constructed machine whose main processor, i.e. the brain, controls every process taking place in it, every reaction to dynamically changing working conditions. Your private and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The factory manager knows how much fluid to evacuate, how much to keep in reserve and when to stimulate your thirst center through communication with the kidneys, i.e. the Water Resources Department. Your role comes down to listening to your most important advisor and supplying him with fuel so that the entire factory can function flawlessly.

Of course, the best in this case is water, but you can spice up your daily mode of taking liquids with natural juices without added sugar, milk, tea or coffee. Especially avoid sweetened, carbonated drinks and alcohol, which disrupts the communication process between the kidneys and the brain, which can lead to dehydration.

Yoga Teacher Training in India
                                                        Yoga Teacher Training in India

2. Helps to control your weight

Sometimes, when you feel hungry, you don’t realize that you are actually thirsty. Just reach for a glass of water to save yourself absorbing several hundred additional calories.

However, it should be remembered that the water we take is also contained in food, in a very different amount depending on the type of product. The more it is, the more full and full the volume of food, which forces us to chew longer and thus satisfy our hunger faster.

3. Supports the work of your muscles

Is it not the muscles that help us protect important organs of our body, run up to the fourth floor without difficulty, struggle with heavy shopping, or finally create a beautifully sculpted, firm figure? If you want to reward them with their hard and arduous work they do for you every day, you must drink enough fluids. Cells that do not maintain water-electrolyte balance are not able to meet the requirements set for them, and the results we expect, during intensive work at the gym, do not come.

4. Improves the condition of your skin

Your dermis consists of 80 water, which helps maintain its beautiful, healthy appearance and proper functioning. Dehydration makes it look drier, wrinkled, it also becomes less elastic and ceases to act as a protective barrier against excessive fluid loss. So treat water as your perfect cosmetic, which will be perfect during incoming heat, wind and exposure to dry air, and keep it next to a good sunblock always in your purse.

5. Helps fight a hangover

If during the night madness you let yourself be carried away and, despite previous warnings, drink a few glasses too many, then you are probably fighting a small, morning monster named “Hangover”. There is still a chance to convince yourself of a small mineral and reach for it right now, when you feel that your head is about to explode. Set aside the sweet and colorful remains of the party and reach for a real ally in the fight against a hangover.

I sincerely hope that after reading these five, among many other reasons to persuade you to drink water, I managed to achieve it and now you look at a glass of ordinary mineral from a slightly different perspective. If you still can’t convince yourself to drink it in pure and non-carbonated form, you can go ahead and try combinations with frozen fruit, natural juices, mint and other all-natural ingredients. Remember that the best is found in nature.


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