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"Hearthstone Bot – Watch, win and earn Hearthstone Gold!" - Bot Team

Hearthstone Bot – Watch, win and earn gold! Real Hearthstone Arena Guide for WIN!

Every Hearthstone player knows how hard it is to defeat other gamers, who are equipped with Legendaries and Epic cards. To meet expectations of players, we decided to create a Hearthstone Bot - HSCrusher! With our bot you will be able to rule even with only basic cards in your hand, so Legendary cards are no more essential to defeat players, who are in possession of such decks, as Secret Palladin. This is real Hearthstone hacks!

Hearthstone Bot Official Trailer-watch Hearthstone Strategy

    How to use the bot – instruction:

  • 1. Download Hearthstone Bot
  • 2. Run Hearthstone
  • 3. Run the bot (file HSCrusher.exe)
  • 4. Choose game mode, e.g. Arena
  • 5. Turn on your favourite features, e.g. stats saving
  • 6. Click„Start”

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Bot’s features:

  • Bot is undetectable, therefore it’s entirely safe. Your account won’t be banned!
  • Bot is capable of creating best possible deck out of your cards
  • Bot is not under a licence, using it is entirely free
  • Free automatic updates and patches
  • Bot doesn’t hinder your computer’s/phone’s performance
  • Bot is easy to use and user friendly
  • Bot saves your wins and loses stats
  • Bot can be used in Hearthstone Arena Mode
  • Bot can be used only on one account at the time, because it acts like a casual player. Usage of the bot is impossible to be detected, Blizzard won’t ban your account. Timespan between every choice of a card is random – sometimes it’s 5 seconds before laying out another card, sometimes bot waits until the very moment before the end of player’s turn. Our bot also “talks” with opponents, therefore another player is unaware that he plays against a bot. Purpose of the bot is mainly to be used in Hearthstone Arena Mode, because basing on analysis it automatically picks the best cards, hence your deck is literally perfect! The next step consists of analysing which card was used by our opponent, then the bot chooses the best option to win the game. For every win on Hearthstone Arena player obtains gold and hearthstone free packs.
  • Our bot, because it works automatically, will allow you to analyse games more efficiently – you will be able to watch what the bot does, therefore you’ll have time to get to know the best tactics in Hearthstone. Winning 10 games on the Arena will no more be a problem. Obtain Hearthstone gold with our bot even if you’re not sitting in front of the computer! Hearthstone bot makes use of all available cards and is appropriate for every available game mode: ranked, unranked, standard, wild and arena. Bot works in the background, you can minimalize the window and watch a movie or browse the Internet. Hearthstone Bot HSCrusher is the best solution for new players to gain Hearthstone gold and develop players account. With our bot you can watch game and learn some Hearthstone Strategy. Download Hearthstone here: